Natural does not equal good

Whether something is natural or artificial has nothing to do with something’s goodness or badness.


Additional Evidence that religious groups should worry about the legalization of same-sex marriage

I’ld like to call the world’s attention to two NPR stories that, in my view, demonstrate that religions will be penalized if same-sex marriage is legalized.

Incident in class

My surprise came from the fact that, even in a very liberal environment, there were still several people who did not support all aspects of LBGT rights. With incidents like this happening, is it any surprise that polls seem to constantly overstate support for same-sex marriage and other LBGT issues?

One reason why religious people worry about same-sex marriage

These questions are not fearmongering. They are based in actual events and questions like these are one of the reasons many religious people are concerned about efforts to legalize same-sex marriage.

Catholic Professor fired for being Catholic

This incident backs up same-sex marriage opponents’ claim that they will face religious discrimination should same-sex marriage be legalized.

Debunking a “vote for Romney is a vote for the devil.”

My suggestion is to ask a Mormon about what they believe rather than assuming that all Mormons believe what anti-Mormons tell you. They may believe something different than you do, but they don’t worship the devil.

African Americans and Mormons

Mormons, like any other group of people, has its racists. My main contention here is that the theology of Mormonism is not racist and that people who think that other are inferior because of the color of their skin need to repent.

Arson attempt at California Mormon Temple

This is just further evidence that anti-Mormon bigotry is increasing and that anti-Mormons are becoming more brazen.