Debunking a “vote for Romney is a vote for the devil.”

The Devil doesn't even look like Mitt Romney

Two articles from Religion Dispatches and Atlanta Journal Constitution recently quoted and expressed dismay regarding televangelist Bill Keller’s anti-Mormon remarks concerning Romney and Glenn Beck. The links are and

Without getting in too deep, I just want to point out that people who criticize the LDS Church rarely are criticizing the Church as Mormons see it. Usually they find their anti-Mormon material by delving into quotes from prominent Mormons that were never accepted by the worldwide church as doctrine. These quotes are usually representations of the opinions of those men (they are almost always men), but are not believed or taught by the vast majority of the Church. There are several examples and if you read the articles you’ll find a couple.

The other strategy they take is representing what to most people is an unoffensive doctrine in the most offensive way possible. An example of this is the ever popular “Mormons believe Jesus and the Devil are brothers.” When many people read that statement they seem to conclude that Mormons think Jesus and the Devil are somehow similar or that the devil is somehow viewed positively or worshipped in Mormonism. That conclusion could not be further from the truth. Mormons actually believe that Jesus and the Devil are as opposite as possible. Jesus has a glorified and perfected body, is the Father of righteousness, and is the way to eternal salvation. The devil has no body, is the father of lies and wickedness, and is the way to eternal damnation. The reason Mormons technically believe they are brothers is that they believe that Jesus, angels, people, and demons are all children of God; but that the devil and demons rebelled against our Heavenly Father and were cast out of Heaven. We do not worship the devil and view Lucifer as the epitome of wickedness, evil, and deceit.

Granted, the belief that angels, people, and demons are all children of God is distinct from traditional Christianity. However, anti-Mormons intentionally present this belief in a way that leads people to jump to incorrect conclusions about Mormon theology.

My suggestion is to ask a Mormon about what they believe rather than assuming that all Mormons believe what anti-Mormons tell you. They may believe something different than you do, but they don’t worship the devil.


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