Catholic Professor fired for being Catholic

A Catholic Professor at the University of Illinois was recently fired because he agrees with Catholic beliefs. The professor, who taught a class called “Modern Catholic Thought” was asked by a student if he agreed with the Catholic teaching on homosexuality. The professor responded that he did agree. One or two students then sent e-mails to administrators arguing that the teacher’s agreement with Catholic teachings amounted to hate speech and the professor was fired. For the Chicago tribune and Huffington Post’s (a left-leaning blog) versions of the story, check out the links on the bottom of the post.

This incident backs up same-sex marriage opponents’ claim that they will face religious discrimination should same-sex marriage be legalized. If a professor cannot respond honestly to students who ask what their opinions are because those opinions are influenced by religious beliefs, than the first amendment is being violated. This incident took place in a public institution in a state where same-sex marriage isn’t even legal. I doubt the professors extremely mainstream religious beliefs would have been tolerated any more had same-sex marriage been legal in Illinois.

Chicago Tribune:,0,7203504.story?track=rss ;


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