Incident in class

I am a graduate student in a prominent School of Social Work. Social Work is a profession known for being supportive of LBGT rights and consequently I was surprised by a recent incident that occured in my class. A student (not me) raised their hand and asked the teacher what they should do if they didn’t feel like they couldn’t be a good ally to the LBGT community because they didn’t agree with aspects of the LBGT agenda. It was obviously very difficult for the student to express this. Over the course of the following discussion, several students (including me) expressed their discomfort with certain aspects of the LBGT agenda (most did not specify which aspect). They all seemed relieved that the topic had been brought up. Some students also expressed their dismay at the intolerance of other students who didn’t support the LBGT agenda.

My surprise came from the fact that, even in a very liberal environment, there were still several people who did not support all aspects of LBGT rights. With incidents like this happening, is it any surprise that polls seem to constantly overstate support for same-sex marriage and other LBGT issues? These students clearly had an interest in endorsing the LBGT agenda, but they didn’t.


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