African Americans and Mormons

Mormons, like any other group of people, has its racists. My main contention here is that the theology of Mormonism is not racist and that people who think that other are inferior because of the color of their skin need to repent.


Arson attempt at California Mormon Temple

This is just further evidence that anti-Mormon bigotry is increasing and that anti-Mormons are becoming more brazen.

Sean Hannity removed from an LDS-owned station

Conservative personality Sean Hannity was removed from the programming of a radio station owned by the LDS Church. Evidently his language was too vulgar. I’m personally glad that the Church is standing by its principles on this one. Let some AM station pick up Hannity. Here’s the link to the article:

Excellent article on the demise of religion in the public sphere’s newsroom has an excellent article on how religious views are being removed from the public sphere. The article is quoted below in its entirety.

What bothers me about religious discourse

I know what I believe and I have a pretty good grasp of Mormon theology. Do not try to tell me that I don’t know my own religion.

Twilight and Mormonism

There has been a plethora of articles linking the Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer with Mormon theology. Some of the links to these stories include one by Angela Aleiss of The Salt Lake Tribune (link: and one by Katherine Thompson on HuffPost (link: Two important points came across in the interview with actors … Continue reading